Fire Suppression Inspection in Austin, TX

Boss Fire Protection proudly provides Fire Suppression Installation in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. We have been Inspecting and Installing fire suppression systems in Vent Hoods in Austin, TX since 2019. We Install and inspect Fire Suppression Systems in Restaurants, Food Trucks, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate Facilities, and Stadiums, but welcome any clients that understand the importance of quality installation and fire suppression inspections at their facility.

Through our partnership with our sister company Hood Boss, we can fully support all elements of your Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning and Fire Suppression System needs. After listening to our clients and their open frustrations with their current fire suppression companies we felt there was an opportunity to enter the market and be successful providing the same quality and professional service that we provided to our clients through Hood Boss.

Our Installation Team is committed to helping you install your fire suppression system at a reasonable price and ensure that your fire suppression system is installed to NFPA and Manufacturer Standards.

Once installed our team will manage your Fire Suppression Inspection service in a professional manner. Meaning no more surprise visits and random phone calls from your service technician saying, “I will be by tomorrow morning between 8am and 11am to get you service completed”. Boss Fire Protection’s office will reach out and schedule a date that works for you and doesn’t affect your day-to-day operation. Our team is also dedicated to walking you through the inspection process letting you know what was done, what is needed, and what may be upcoming on the next service so that you aren’t shocked by unbudgeted expenses with your Fire Suppression System.

Eric Kimberling
Sr. Account Manager
South Texas

Give us a call today to get a complimentary inspection for your fire suppression installation or inspection in Austin, TX.

We also provide commercial vent hood cleaning service in the following surrounding cities:

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