Experience and Training

20 plus years combined experience in the Fire Protection Industry

Jeff Ralston heads up our Boss Fire Protection Service Team. His journey from the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Industry to the Fire Protection Industry has taken over 20 years. Through his relationships with clients over the years he has learned what clients were lacking from their Fire Suppression Inspectors and Fire Suppression Companies, giving him the understanding of how the process should work from the bottom up. Over the years he has had the privilege of working with other fire protection companies and learned what they excelled at and in what areas they had room for improvement. Being able to learn these things has allowed him to help mold Boss Fire into a growing leader in the industry today.

Jeff Ralston, President and Co-Owner, Boss Fire Protection

Leadership Experience in the Fire Protection and Restaurant Industries

Boss Fire Protection Management staff has been constructed of members of management leadership from the Fire Protection and Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Industries with over 40 years collective experience. We believe in order to help us build relationships with our customers, we must understand their day to day processes and issues that arise. Both of our Austin and DFW Operations Managers and Our Senior Account Manager have spent years in the Fire Protection and Restaurant Management business and can relate to your needs and expectations.

National Fire Protection Association