Communication & Monitoring

Boss Fire recommends implementing a regular preventative maintenance plan for the cleaning of nozzles daily, ensuring that nozzle caps are in place, and, whenever possible, visual inspection of components such as fusible links and pressure gauges on your fire suppression system tanks and fire extinguishers in your facility. By implementing these preventative maintenance items, you are engaging your staff to inspect the status of the system and report any unusual discrepancies they might notice. NFPA 96 provides us with the code that states which area of the system requires immediate attention or should be inspected for potential failure. If your staff reports seeing anything out of the ordinary, communicate with your Boss Fire Account Manager for immediate service.

Preventative Maintenance

NFPA 96 requires monthly inspections of all fire extinguishers on property. Understanding the early signs of how the system might fail in the event of a fire can also help prevent costly repairs and damage to your facility. Over the years in dealing with our clients’ facilities, we have developed an understanding of how a system needs to be maintained around different cooking equipment. The Boss Fire team knows the difference between “must address now” and “will need attention in the future”. By understanding these differences, we can recommend solutions that help protect your facility and potentially save thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The same great leadership and professionalism that you experience with Boss Fire Protection went into creating Hood Boss in 2013. We took our fundamental values coupled with talented professionals with decades of experience and created a kitchen exhaust cleaning service company. Our clients can benefit from our automated inspection report and photo documentation that has set a new industry standard. We do this by providing transparent and understandable service reports that build trust with our clients and helps them manage their system properly between cleanings. See what our Hood Boss clients are saying