Restaurant Fire Suppression Inspections – Photo Documentation

For a long time, Fire Suppression Inspections have been done using paper reports. But now, there’s something new that’s changing the game: Photo Documented Reports. These reports are taking fire safety to a whole new level by including pictures of each inspection. Why is this important? Well, it’s all about making sure everything is done the right way, following the rules from the manufacturers and NFPA codes. It’s like having proof that the job was done correctly.

So, why add pictures to the reports? First off, it helps the property owner. They can look at the photos before and after the inspection, seeing exactly what was done. Our certified maintenance technicians take pictures of key parts of the suppression system, and these pictures are put into a report that customers and local AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) are familiar with. This way, everyone can understand the system’s condition better.

Here are five things you should be looking for in your photo reports:

  1. System Overview: Look for pictures showing the entire fire suppression system. This helps you get a big-picture view of how everything is set up.
  2. Key Components: Check for photos of critical elements like nozzles, pipes, and other important parts. This helps you see if they are in good condition.
  3. Before and After Shots: Look for pairs of photos that show the system before and after the inspection or service. This gives you a clear idea of the changes made.
  4. Repairs Needed: Pay attention to any photos that highlight areas needing repairs. This helps you understand what issues may need your attention.
  5. Sections of the System: The report should break down the inspection by different sections of the system. Look for photos related to each section, making it easier to review the work performed.

If your current provider doesn’t offer Photo Documentation Reporting for your fire suppression, call Boss Fire Protection at 972-704-1821. Our Certified Technicians can schedule an appointment to introduce you to the system. It’s all about making fire safety clearer and building trust in the services provided at your facility.