Nozzle maintenance, servicing and replacement in fire suppression systems

5 Keys to Fire Safety in Your Commercial Kitchen

Is your commercial kitchen equipped to handle the heat? Discover the essential keys to fire safety that every restaurant owner needs to know to protect their business, their staff, and their customers. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a cafeteria, or any other kind of food business, keeping your kitchen safe […]

Make Fire Safety a Priority with a Proactive Approach

New Year, New Resolutions: As we step into 2024, we extend our warmest wishes for a year filled with prosperity and safety. At Boss Fire Protection, we are excited about the opportunities this new year presents, and we remain committed to being your dedicated partner in ensuring fire safety for […]

Safeguard your Business with Fire Safety Experts

In the heart of bustling kitchens and sizzling flavors, the unseen threat of fire danger looms – a reality “Gourmet Haven” discovered the hard way. In the heart of the city, “Gourmet Haven” was renowned for its culinary delights. One bustling Friday afternoon, a small cooktop fire erupted, and panic […]

5 Keys to Fire Safety in Your Cooking Facility

What are a few simple things as a business owner or operations manager that you can do to insure you facility is safe? At Boss Fire Protection, we take immense pride in being your dedicated partner in ensuring fire safety for your cooking facilities. As summer sizzles on, it’s crucial […]

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Orientation Series

Boss Fire Protection takes pride in educating the hospitality industry about the importance and function of their fire safety systems. We created a series to introduce and explain all elements of your facilities fire suppression system. It is beginner friendly and will empower anyone with a working knowledge and vocabulary […]

How a Kitchen Fire Suppression System Operates

We wanted to put together a video showing how the fire suppression system operates in you commercial cooking facility and what to look for in your inspections that are performed every six months. We hope this helps educate your staff and empowers you to manage your systems properly. Check out […]